2021 Breeders Cup Wrap: Essential Quality Sinks Supporters, Cramer Cleans Up

Roger LeBlanc For casual fans the 2021 Breeders Cup races are now relegated to the past. Just a hazy memory. For serious handicappers they’ve become a source of knowledge for the future. An artifact holding valuable information for improving their win percentage and ROI. Many people paid for pro advice regarding which horses to bet. […]

The LazyBettorUSA 2021 Belmont Stakes Preview

All I Needed to Know About the Belmont I Learned in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Roger LeBlanc (for LazyBettorUSA.com) Flash back to the 2021 Kentucky Derby: Essential Quality was widely touted as the best 3-year-old and deserving favorite. In my Kentucky Derby Preview (as well as in my video “4 Reasons to Bet Against […]