The Punter’s Tale: A Bettor’s Quest for Racetrack Profits


About The Author: Roger LeBlanc has been an avid handicapper his whole life, with fond memories of exploring east coast race tracks in his teens. Every handicapper worth his salt has a betting edge, and Roger has been fine tuning his techniques for years, sharing every bit of advice that he can prove effective with his research.

Description: Win money consistently. That’s every horseplayer’s dream! Roger LeBlanc, author of The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby, parlays art, poetry and betting insight into a manual for long-term profit. Mark Cramer states that The Punter’s Tale does the horseplayer double favor. First, it simplifies the complex puzzle of handicapping while avoiding costly shortcuts by using extensive research to cover all bases. Second, it is a pleasure to read, so you move through statistics and probabilities with exquisite literary buoyancy. The author knows well that many good handicappers get defeated not from a lack of skill but from the sheer time output it requires. So with this book, you’re BOTH managing valuable handicapping time to its essence and enjoying the read.