Please Hold All Tickets: A Novel for Horseplayers & Patricians


About The Author: Mark Cramer earned a Ph.D from the University of Illinois in 1976. He was the horse racing editor for Gambling Times magazine, and is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in the Daily Racing Form and other horse racing publications. His books include Fast Track to Thoroughbred Profits, The Odds On Your Side, Please Hold All Tickets, Kinky Handicapping and Kinkier Handicapping. He was the co-creator of the C&O Newsletter and is the creator of the C&X Report. He is one of the country’s best and most creative handicappers.

You can listen to a recent interview in which Mark discusses Please Hold All Tickets at length with Peter Fornatale.

Mark lives a life of calculated risk with his wife Martha. He’s blended over 50 jobs and avocations on three continents, including university professor, investigative journalist, urban farmer, bicycle travel guide and studious horseplayer. Dr. Paul Tranter, esteemed specialist on transportation and sustainable cities, has written: “Mark Cramer is a master story teller. His vast experience and research enables him to create descriptions of places and events that come to life in the mind of the reader, often creating laugh-out-loud humor.” Steve in NC calls Mark’s writing “gently subversive.” When Mark’s work began to appear in print, critic Cecil Suzuki called him, “an original new gonzo voice.”

Mark writes primarily in English but articles of his have been published as well in Spanish and French.

Description: The republished paperback edition of Cramer’s first novel. Follow the handicapping trials and triumphs of DQ and his pal Ted Sanchez as they travel the USA attempting to earn a living playing the races. Cramer weaves betting strategies and handicapping angles into the fabric of the story, creating a book that’s at once an entertaining story and a valuable guide for betting on thoroughbreds.How to Succeed at the Races Without Really Trying!

This first-ever “handicapping novel” teaches you how to win at the races in a unique way. Rather than inundate you with stats and charts and unbreakable rules for handicapping and wagering, Please Hold All Tickets allows you to simply sit back and enjoy the read. That’s right!

You’ll find yourself drawn in by the compelling, cross-country journey of protagonists Don Quick and Ted Sanchez as they go on the road in search of their very own handicapping Shangri-La. Their triumphs and big scores become your own! And the foibles of the colorful cast of characters they encounter along the way will offer many cautionary tales of what not to do at the racetrack.

While most handicapping-and-wagering books are so dull they put you to sleep, Please Hold All Tickets is so engaging it’ll keep you up and reading through the night! You won’t want to put it down. And that’s a good thing, because each page contains a valuable handicapping lesson that sinks-in in the most effective and efficient way possible — via your subconscious. You’ll actually trick yourself into adopting the winner’s mindset. That’s why we think this book should be subtitled “How to Succeed at the Races Without Really Trying”!

If you’ve ever seen a movie or play that changed your life for the better, you know the power art and literature can have on you — more so than any sermon or textbook ever could. That’s precisely the effect Please Hold All Tickets will have on you. Read it now and start winning more today.