FREE 2021 Kentucky Derby Preview: Essential Quality Faces Triple Gold-Plated Trouble


In his early years at the races a horse-betting friend of Roger LeBlanc, the Colonel, would scurry around the grandstand before each race to gather opinions from all the regulars he knew. He’d start with the quiet man on his computer in Section 12. Then he’d ask the battle-hardened bartender at the ground-level beer stand. Then the two guys hanging around the finish line who always drew lots of arrows and circles in their racing forms would be queried. The list went on. This ritual was fun for the group, but didn’t always produce results. Roger’s tactic to finding derby winners relies on the techniques presented in his book, and has been proven 5 (of 8) Derby winners since the books publication. With this Derby preview, you can get some special insight into the race with Roger’s research.