Five Against The Vig


About The Author: Roger LeBlanc has been a lifelong avid horseplayer, with fond memories of exploring East Coast tracks in his teens. All handicappers seek a betting edge, and Roger has fine-tuned techniques to gain betting advantages.

In his nonfiction works (“The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby” and “The Punter’s Tale”) he shares some of these techniques. Based on his time living in Las Vegas, his novel “Five Against the Vig” examines casino culture and shows how it permeates American culture.

Description: Noir and neon converge in this fast-moving drama! Misanthropic horseplayer Luc Leroux arrives in Las Vegas hoping to break his slave-wage shackles. He soon finds he has stumbled into America’s most ruthless money-gouging metropolis. It’s a world where luck serves as bait and prayers turn to dead weight. Luc needs help. But can he trust Frank and Svetlana, his newfound partners in struggle?

American Dream races American Nightmare and the finish is too close to call!