Leveraging the Lazy Bettor in the Kentucky Derby

In the free LazyBettorUSA January newsletter we offered positive comments about the following eight horses in Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 2:

  • Chasing Time (17-1)
  • Classic Causeway (51-1)
  • Commandperformance (41-1)
  • Emmanuel (17-1)
  • Epicenter (24-1)
  • Major General (41-1)
  • Simplification (43-1)
  • Slow Down Andy (20-1)

Three of the eight horses on that list qualified for the 2022 Kentucky Derby, including the projected Derby favorite Epicenter. And we made these calls in January!

How did we do it?

We used the parameters from The Lazy Bettors Guide to the Kentucky Derby as a basis for evaluating Derby prospects. That time-tested perspective handed our subscribers the likely Derby favorite at generous odds of 24-1.

Throw in a couple of speedy stakes winners at 43-1 and 51-1, and subscribers have big-time leverage as they ponder their Derby-day wagers. Or they can sit back, bet no more money, and savor the satisfaction of owning a piece of the 3-1 favorite at odds of 24-1.

And if you missed that newsletter or our equally prescient “Kentucky Derby Kwik 6 List” (which included the same three “live” Derby entrants in February), don’t worry. You can still buy The Lazy Bettor’s Guide right here, right now! Or get it as an included feature with a Racetrack Super Scout subscription.

Coming soon is our “Kentucky Derby Preview,” one of the most successful Kentucky Derby products ever offered!

Position yourself for Derby profits. Get your Lazy on!