Lazy Bettor Guides Nails Down Another Winning Triple Crown Season!

In the second year of our relaunched website, the Lazy Bettor Guides recorded a positive ROI in stakes races for 3-year-olds. Last year we rang up 8 winners and 7 placers in the 18 races covered. We topped that performance in 2023, with 13 winners in 26 races covered!

Using our recommended approach of betting two horses per race (except when one pick is scratched or at odds less than 2-1), a straight $2 win bet on each of the 41 qualifying selections yielded a return of $94.48. That’s a 13% ROI!

That stat might not match the price rise of McMansions, but with a 50 percent strike rate and much less money on the line it’s not looking like gambling, either. Our success rate flows from the parameters described in The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby. When developing 3-year-olds approach or exceed the parameters listed in the book, we know they’re a solid bet as the difficulty of the stakes races increases through the spring.

Most of our selections appear in subscriber-only Racetrack Super Scout (RTSS) reports. We’ve unlocked access to them to show our comments published prior to each race. You can view the 2023 Predict-o-Meter to read through the list.

You can get the RTSS reports as well as access to the ebook version of The Lazy Bettor’s Guide with a low-cost subscription. Check it out and join the RTSS winner’s circle!