Racetrack Super Scout Sniffs Out Big Fail by Rich Strike in the Clark

In the Friday’s “RTSS False-Favorite Report,” we wrote at length about the shortcomings of Rich Strike as he faced a small and unaccomplished field in the Grade 1 Clark Stakes at Churchill Downs. Rich Strike ran down to our low expectations for him, and our two alternate bets in the race finished first and second. […]

2022 Pennsylvania Derby Insights from LazyBettorUSA

You can click our RTSS tab to view a free copy of the Racetrack Super Scout for Saturday, September 23, 2022. It includes our view of the Grade 1 Cotillion Stakes and the Grade 1 Pennsylvania Derby at PARX.

Lazy Bettor Guides Battles the Favorites at Belmont on Belmont Stakes Day

We’ve built a reputation for identifying false favorites with our high success rate on YouTube (on our “Instant Value Handicapping” channel) and in our Racetrack Super Scout service. The methods for ID’ing false favs laid out in our book The Punter’s Tale continue to work across various tracks, surfaces and class levels. This weekend the […]

Lazy Bettor Guides False-Favorite Report, Saturday, May 21, 2022

Friday’s Racetrack Super Scout gave us 3 winners in 5 races, with 4 of the 5 false favorites losing. Not a bad job! Two winners came in at 5-1, and one race saw our top 2 choices fill the $52 exacta (for $1). Back to Belmont and Churchill, with an in-depth look at the top […]

RTSS Week 6 Review

The Racetrack Super Scout started with a bang in Week 6! But it ended with a bit of whimper on Saturday. On Friday, April 8, we not only identified 3 of 4 false favorites correctly, we nailed the winners in our first two races. And our two picks filled the exactas in both races! Mighty […]

Racetrack Super Scout Week 5 Review

The Racetrack Super Scout had a rocky Week 5! On Friday, April 1, we played the fool. For the first time ever we got shut out on winners, going 0 for 4. On Saturday we regrouped and nailed 2 winners in 3 races, with all 3 false-favorites we identified suffering defeat. In the Racetrack Super […]

Racetrack Super Scout Week 4 Review

The Racetrack Super Scout registered its third winning week out of four! We nabbed 3 winners in the 7 races covered. And we identified false favorites at a slightly below-average, but still-profitable, rate of 71%. In the Racetrack Super Scout’s third weekly bonus race, the Louisiana Derby, we tagged Epicenter as the legitimate favorite. We […]

Instant Value Handicapping Cruising Smoother Than Crytpo

Examining the Winners Sheet from the “Instant Value Handicapping” YouTube Series Lazy Bettor Guides specializes in rapid-fire handicapping methods. Using our time-tested approaches, casual fans and hardcore players alike can jump in to a day’s races and jump back to real life without sacrificing profits or forgetting to pick the kids up from soccer practice! […]

Single-Factor Betting with Mark Cramer

Do you bet on horses based primarily on their recent performance? Or do you bet primarily based on odds? According to venerable handicapping author Mark Cramer, it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice.

2021 Breeders Cup Wrap: Essential Quality Sinks Supporters, Cramer Cleans Up

Roger LeBlanc For casual fans the 2021 Breeders Cup races are now relegated to the past. Just a hazy memory. For serious handicappers they’ve become a source of knowledge for the future. An artifact holding valuable information for improving their win percentage and ROI. Many people paid for pro advice regarding which horses to bet. […]