The Lazy Bettor Guides crew, led by Roger LeBlanc and Kyle Schaeffer, shares your passion for cashing. We know most people lack time to research and field-test winning strategies for betting on thoroughbreds. To ferry folks o'er that financial fjord, we devise clever shortcuts to help you wager profitably.

We also publish false-favorite reports, which are based on methods detailed in The Punter’s Tale. Our “Instant Value Handicapping” YouTube channel features race analysis from various tracks, as well as guest interviews with handicappers, racetrack managers and others from the racing industry.

The LazyBettor team steers clear of games of chance, where Lady Luck appears infrequently and Count Vigorish sucks the lifeblood from all gamblers who stick out their necks. A casino game with an insurmountable 2% edge on the player…now that’s a real-life vampire! 

A state lottery paying out only half of what it takes in…no nastier tax has ever been levied!

On this site, you discover statistically sound angles wrung from creative ideas and reality-based research. Wander the witless districts of the Web to find false promises of gambling success for roulette, slots, lotteries and keno. Or kick back and picnic here on the shores of gambling reality.

Here risk resembles a lapping tide, not a violent swell. Here contrarian views improve your ability to float past takeouts and rakes. We hope you click around and enjoy the view.