Single-Factor Betting with Mark Cramer

Do you bet on horses based primarily on their recent performance? Or do you bet primarily based on odds? According to venerable handicapping author Mark Cramer, it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice.

Kentucky Derby 2022: Are You Ready to Handicap?

I chose a different approach in a search for value. I used the betting strategy detailed in The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby. That led me to six contenders with the running style approximating the one recommended in the book. To earn the biggest bang for my buck, I bet all six in exactas on top of option 24, “All Other Colts and Geldings”:

2021 Breeders Cup Wrap: Essential Quality Sinks Supporters, Cramer Cleans Up

Roger LeBlanc For casual fans the 2021 Breeders Cup races are now relegated to the past. Just a hazy memory. For serious handicappers they’ve become a source of knowledge for the future. An artifact holding valuable information for improving their win percentage and ROI. Many people paid for pro advice regarding which horses to bet. […]

LazyBettorUSA False-Favorite Report: Emerald Downs #4

We launched the “Instant Value Handicapping” channel on YouTube to prove out methods detailed in The Punter’s Tale (A Bettor’s Quest for Racetrack Profits). The Punter’s Tale describes how to identify false favorites and select horses to bet against them. With the public betting an inordinate amount of money on a horse likely to lose, […]